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Law Font (group)�law, technology, economics,policy

House of Commons (IP research group)

IP Downunder

Australian Real Estate Blog

Open and Shut (Freedom of Information and privacy legislation)

The Australian Professional Liability Blog (professional liability and professional indemnity insurance)

Weatherall’s Law (last post January 2007, but a great copyright law resource)

Malik’s Law (technology and law)

Defending Scoundrels (internet, IP)

Australian Trade Marks Law Blog

Australian Regulatory Compliance Review (law and compliance, especially financial services)

External Insights (law and management)

Technology and IP Business (law, IP and technology)

Small firms and solos

Simon Lewis’ Lawyers Workstation Conferences

Junior Lawyers’ Union

Stumblng Tumblr


Law and politics

FarisQC Blog

The Legal Soapbox (legal/political)

Dr Mirko Bargaric (Moral Dilemma)

Law and humour

Paul Brennan’s Blog (legal humour, cartoons, one-minute videos)

Standing There Productions Diary – by Lorin Clarke (VIC)
The everyday diary of a small film and theatre production company.
Categories: Web, Education, Politics, Humour, Film, Television, Tech, Law, Library, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Media, Social Issues, Arts, Literature

Wulf’s Pawprints – by Wulfy (SA)
Stalking my voice.
Categories: Personal/General, Education, Politics, Video Games, Sex, Law, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, Science, Philosophy, Environment

The Road Ahead – by John Mason (NSW)
Categories: Travel, Personal/General, Business, Food, Law, Creative Writing, Blogging, News/Current Events, Transport, Sexuality, Sport, Marketing, Social Issues, Self Improvement, Gardening, Love/Relationships.

Law Blog – by Georgiadis Lawyers (SA)
Categories: Business, Law, Blogging, News/Current Events

A Roll of the Dice – by Paul Bullock (SA)
Categories: Education, Politics, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Science, Media, History, Social Issues, Arts, Literature, Philosophy

Wanted Criminals – by The Sheriff (ACT)
Categories: Personal/General, Politics, Television, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Media, History, Social Issues, Public Relations

The Daily Magnet – by The Magnet (WA)
Daily commentary of tremendous social and political import.
Categories: Education, News/Current Events, Politics, Humour, Film, Television, Law, Media, Social Issues, Arts

Typing is not activism…. – by typingisnotactivism (NSW) environmentalism, fresh articles, interviews and general discontinence from a Sydney-based writer
Categories: Politics, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Media, Social Issues, Environment

The Stumblng Tumblr – by stumblng tumblr (NSW)
Categories: Web, Humour, Tech, Law, News/Current Events, Media, Literature

Peter A Clarke – by Peter A Clarke (VIC)
Categories: Law

Allocatur – by Liz (VIC)
Categories: Law

IPwar’s – by Warwick A Rothnie (VIC)
Categories: Law

The Australian Professional Liability Blog – by Stephen Warne (VIC)
Stephen Warne on professional negligence, regulation and discipline around the world

Paul Brennan’s Blog – by Paul Brennan (QLD)
Categories: Humour, Law

Talk It Out – by Unsilenced (VIC)
Discuss the issues of today and tomorrow
Categories: Politics, Law, News/Current Events, Social Issues

The Rich Tapestry of Life: Politics, Technology and other Ramblings – by James Swanston (QLD)
Categories: Travel, Personal/General, Politics, Tech, Law, Sport, Economics, Literature, Wine

I Want to Litigate… – by Peter (WA)
Categories: Personal/General, Web, Politics, Humour, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Public Relations

Categories: News/Current Events, Web, Business, Education, Politics, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, Blogging, Media, History, Sport, Marketing, Social Issues, Arts, Economics, Literature, Philosophy, Environment, Public Relations

Law Font – by Sarah, Kim, Ben (NSW)
an analysis of law, technology, economics, and policy
Categories: Law

The Boomtown Rap – by Rolan Stein (WA)
Categories: Personal/General, Politics, Music, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Sport, Travel, Food, Religion/Faith, Law, Media, Marketing, Social Issues, Literature

Adelaide Criminal Defence Blog by Simon Slade – by Simon Slade (SA)
Categories: Law

Catallaxy – by Collaborative blog (NSW)
Categories: Politics, Law, Media, Sport, Economics, Literature, Philosophy

Freedom To Differ – by Peter Black (QLD)
A blog that speaks freely about legal and policy issues facing the media and the internet
Categories: News/Current Events, Media, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, Tech, Television

nic.suzor.com – by nic (QLD)
Categories: Law

The House of Commons – by Ben Bildstein, Catherine Bond, Abi Paramaguru (NSW)
Categories: Tech, Web, Law

Asia Death Penalty – by Tim Goodwin (QLD)
the death penalty is a cruel, futile and dangerous punishment, and the asian region is home to some of the world’s leading executioners. this blog provides information about the death penalty in asia, supporting the campaign to end executions in the region.
Categories: Politics, Law, News/Current Events, Social Issues

Your Say – by Daily Telegraph (Sydney) readers (NSW)
this is yoursay, where you can post your feedback on any issue for an exchange of views with other telegraph readers.
Categories: News/Current Events, Personal/General, Web, Politics, Humour, Law, Media, Sexuality, Social Issues, Self Improvement, Economics, Family, Environment

Basal Questions :: Simon Evans – by Simon Evans (VIC)
Categories: Law

The Australian Real Estate Blog – by Lawyers Real Estate (VIC)
keep up with what’s happening in the australian real estate industry – our postings include updates on real estate news, legal issues, consumer alerts, plus general information and commentary on matters affecting real estate in australia.
Categories: Law

Transient languages and cultures – by multi-authored: Linda Barwick, Bill Foley, Tom Honeyman, Jane Simpson (NSW)
The Transient Building, symbolising the impermanence of language, houses both the Linguistics Department at Sydney University and PARADISEC, a digital archive for endangered Pacific languages and music.
Categories: Education, Politics, Tech, Law, Library, Software Development, News/Current Events, Media, Social Issues, Arts, Culture/Pop Culture, Science

Rampant Ravings of an Otherwise Friendly Lunatic – by Friendly Lunatic (QLD)
Categories: Personal/General, Education, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events

The Killfile – by dr faustus (ACT)
because sometimes ignoring people isn’t enough…
Categories: Politics, Law, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Science, Social Issues

The Legal Soapbox – by Legal Eagle (VIC)
Law, current affairs, motherhood and the modern world
Categories: Law, Politics

ozelaw: Australian environmental law – by David Jeffery, Douglas Guilfoyle (NSW)
news, commentary, analysis and discussion of environmental law in australia
Categories: Law, Environment

Capitalism&Freedom – by Rok Spruk
Categories: Business, Education, Politics, Law, Science, Economics

Woolly Days – by Nebuchadnezzar (QLD)
Categories: Politics, News/Current Events, Culture/Pop Culture, Media, History, Web, Social Issues, Arts, Environment, Philosophy, Law, Religion/Faith

Go Camel! – by Julia B (ACT)
Categories: Personal/General, Law

Small Firm and Solo Practice – by solo (???)
life as a small firm professional in australia
Categories: Business, Law, Marketing, Self Improvement

Australian Technology and IP Business – by David Jacobson (QLD)
making technology and intellectual property work for you (lawfully)
Categories: Business, Tech, Law, Blogging

Australian Regulatory Compliance Review – by David Jacobson (QLD)
keeping australian businesses informed about legal and regulatory impacts
Categories: Business, Law, Economics

External Insights – by David Jacobson (QLD)
Categories: Business, Law, Economics

Inchoate – by David Starkoff (QLD)
Categories: Personal/General, Law

Dancing with the Blind Lady; A Laypersons Experience – by The Claimant (WA)
a laypersons experience with legal matters.
Categories: Business, Law

samizdat7 – by samizdat (VIC)
lawyer slash filmlover slash slash
Categories: Law

Plain Legal Language – by Christopher Balmford (NSW)
Categories: Law

Justitia – by Michelle (QLD)
Categories: Personal/General, Law

Voices from the Free World – by Freeworldnik (ACT)
a project to monitor progress towards development and self-determination for different groups across the globe.
Categories: Politics, Law, History

Other Interests – by David Jacobson (QLD)
Diversions and passions of an Australian business lawyer outside legal practice
Categories: Business, Law, Social Issues, Self Improvement

Club Troppo – by Various (NT)
Categories: Politics, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Web, Tech, Religion/Faith, Law, Media, History, Social Issues, Economics, Literature, Philosophy

Weatherall’s Law – by Kim Weatherall (VIC)
Categories: Law

A Journal of Australian Law – by Chui Tey (???)
perspectives on the modern australian legal system
Categories: Law

Quantum Meruit – by Quantum Meruit (VIC)
random snippets of legal commentary and cases of note
Categories: Law


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