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National Association of Community Legal Centres

ATO – All Rulings and Determinations

ABC News Radio – Crime Lawand Justice News Feed: (copyand paste the link into your RSS news aggregator / news reader:
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10B-5 Daily, The

22 October 2003. Lyle Roberts, a partner with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati’s securities litigation group, comments on class actions brought on behalf of investors against companies. The Weblog also links to useful Web sites covering securities law, statistics and select cases. The RSS news feed provides headlines and partial commentary.

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinions

28 August 2006. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals provides free online access to oral arguments, opinions, unpublished orders and other case material. Search by party name, case number or recent date. There is no information on the extent of the coverage. However, it appears to go back at least to 1999. Even better, the court offers text-based RSS as well as two podcasting formats – audio-based RSS and iTunes – for keeping up to date with newly released documents.

ABA Section of Litigation

13 June 2003. The news feed for the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Litigation provides the latest Section news as well as summaries of commentary, tips, reports and other publications. The feed consists of headlines and lead sentences.

Abstract Appeal

6 January 2004. Appellate attorney Matthew J. Conigliaro comments on Florida appellate court decisions as well as litigation in the 11th Circuit. The site also features links to Florida and 11th Circuit court rules. The site’s RSS/XML news feed consists of headlines and the full-text of the Weblog item

AntitrustProf Blog

13 January 2005. Shubha Ghosh, Professor of Law at the University at Buffalo Law School, blogs about recent cases and developments concerning antitrust issues. He also maintains a small collection of resources that include government agencies, organizations and resource collections. You can stay up to date with additions to the blog with an RSS or Atom feed.

Arkansas Government News Releases

6 May 2004. The Governor of Arkansas offers agency and other government-related news releases via RSS news feed. The feed provides headlines only. Click through to obtain the full-text of the press release.


31 May 2005. Justia, a Web design and marketing service for law firms, has created RSS feeds for automobile recalls. The feed covers hundreds of makes and models. Drill down the list until you find your make, model and year. Then display available recalls at the Justia site, or copy and paste the RSS feed into your reader or aggregator. The feed displays the make, model, year and part affected, as well as the first two sentences of the description.

The site offers no information about the source of the data, but it appears to be the Office of Defects Investigation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Bag and Baggage

23 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Denise M. Howell, an attorney with Reed Smith (formerly, Crosby Heafey Roach & May), comments on a variety of legal issues related to intellectual property, Internet law, technology, and more. Denise cites her sources, which facilitates additional research. The RSS news feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.


23 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Sabrina Pacifici, Editor of LLRX.com, comments on law and technology issues. These often comprise copyright, trademark, patent, and Internet law matters. Like, Tech Law Advisor, beSpacific cites its sources, making additional research easier. The RSS news feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

Cease & Desist Notices

20 November 2003. Chilling Effects, a clearinghouse of cease and desist letters, offers a feed for newly received notices. The feed provides basic information and a link to the letter.

Census New on the Site

4 August 2004. The U.S. Census Bureau provides an XML-based news feed for documents, statistics and other information newly available at the Web site. It’s a headlines only feed.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Product Recalls and Product Safety News

14 June 2004. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a feed for current recalls. The feed displays the name of the relevant company and product and the description of the hazard. Link to the full text press release for more information about specific recalls.

ContractsProf Blog

21 December 2004. The official Weblog of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Contracts, this site comments on developments concerning contract law. Stories cover current cases, articles, teaching strategies and more. A regular feature, entitled “Today in History,” outlines various events relating to commerce, trade and contracts. There is also a small collection of links to useful resources. The site offers RSS and Atom news feeds.


1 December 2005. K. Matthews Dames, President and Managing Partner of Seso Group LLC, a business and technology consulting firm, comments on copyright issues. Dames’ blog goes beyond the usual brief references to current events and news items. Many of his comments could be re-published as short articles. Most include references to primary and related materials. RSS fans will also find a feed for keeping up to date with new comments.

Corp Law Blog

30 July 2003. Mike O’Sullivan, a corporate securities and mergers and acquisitions lawyer with Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP in Los Angeles, California offers news and commentary on current corporate law issues. Topics include antitrust, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, private securities litigation, tax and others. The blog also links to useful resources in this area of law. Its RSS news feed provides headlines and partial descriptions.

Current Trademark Literature

4 March 2008. Edited by University of Texas at Austin law librarian, Jane O’Connell, this resource helps legal professionals stay up to date with legal articles on trademark issues. The citation list appears in reverse chronological order. To display the first page of an article, follow the title link. Scanned images of the first page “will be deleted after 60 days.” Lawyers and researchers may receive updates to the list via RSS.


18 March 2003. Revised 17 June 2003. Technology lawyer Dennis Kennedy (Thompson Coburn LLP, St. Louis, MO) comments on legal technology and technology law. The RSS news feed provides the headline and a brief description.

Divorce Blog

15 October 2003. Family law attorney Lee Rosen comments on North Carolina family law issues. He provides information about developments in that state concerning divorce, child custody, alimony, property division, child support and domestic violence. The site’s RSS news feed appears to contain the full content of the blog.

Eastern District of New York

23 March 2005. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York offers an XML-based feed for orders, complaints and judgments. It contains the case name, docket number and publication date. A direct link takes you to the document or docket sheet, but you first have to log in to the service. As of this writing, the feed doesn’t work in Bloglines. However, it does display well in Opera and My Yahoo.

ED.gov RSS News Feed

24 June 2004. The U.S. Department of Education provides daily news updates via an RSS news feed. The updates contain information about new educational resources as well as news pertaining to the Department and state education agencies. The feed consists of linked headlines and introductory sentences.

EFF Action Center

13 June 2003. The news feed from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Action Center provides the latest news about technology and civil liberties issues, including digital rights, online free speech and consumer privacy. Examples of recent stories include news about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), DeCSS (DVD descrambling software), and domain name disputes. The feed consists of titles and brief descriptions.

Ernie the Attorney

27 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Ernie the Attorney is Louisiana lawyer Ernest Svenson. Ernie comments on a variety of law and technology issues, including copyright, patent, trademark, and Internet law matters. He likes gadgets, so you will often find mention of the latest devices, software, or other new technology. The RSS news feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

ESQlawtech Weekly, The

9 September 2003. Glenn K. Garnes, attorney and President of Lawyer Lounge, comments on news and information about law and technology. Categories of coverage include hardware, law firm marketing, legal research, practice tips, software and more. Beginning mid-September, the site will also offer radio broadcasts from legal experts on a variety of issues. The RSS news feed provides headlines and partial comments.


31 July 2003. Retired attorney and mediator David Giacalone comments on news about ethics and the practice of law. Some recent topics of discussion include substance abuse at law school, contingency fees, legal meanings versus common or everyday language and the public’s perception of class action lawsuits. This Weblog’s RSS news feed contains the full-text content.

excited utterances

27 January 2003. Revised 21 November 2003. Joy London, knowledge and training manager at Allen & Overy discusses the implementation of knowledge management in law firms. Frequently, excited utterances contains postings with bibliographic references to new or thought-provoking materials. Anyone with an interest in how people share and use information will want to visit this site. The RSS news feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

FAA Technical Center RSS Feed

25 January 2005. The Federal Aviation Administration’s technical library announces the availability of recently published technical reports via an XML-based feed.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) RSS Feeds

22 February 2007. The Federal Trade Commission offers several RSS feeds for staying current with information related to consumer protection and competition issues. You will find several text-based feeds for general or subject-related (i.e., consumer protection) press releases as well as for speeches. Currently, there is one feed (others are planned) for audio podcasts of speeches by Chairman, Deborah Platt Majoras. Majoras’ speeches are also available in 4 variations of video podcasts.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) RSS Feeds

22 February 2007. The Food and Drug Administration offers RSS feeds on many related topics and issues. You will find a feed for press releases, recalls, drug shortages, new information pertaining to individual divisions (i.e., Center for Drug Evaluation and Research), medical device information for consumers, recently approved medical devices, patient safety news and MedWatch Safety Alerts. The agency also offers audio podcasts on drug safety.

Franchise Law

21 December 2004. The franchise and distribution practice group of the law firm Wiggin and Dana LLP blogs about developments and news pertaining to franchising. It provides its own search engine with a date qualifier that actually works! It also offers RSS and Atom news feeds.

Fraud Update

23 February 2006. A joint effort of Florida State University, College of Criminology & Criminal Justice and St. Thomas University, School of Law (Miami), this Web site tracks news and other events pertaining to federal and state government efforts to control fraud. Find summaries about recently filed lawsuits, warnings and alerts from government agencies, summaries of legislation and other documents. You may search by keyword for information that has scrolled off the main page. The search engine also provides a dated cache copy of each result. An RSS feed will keep you up to date with fraud-related news.

GigaLaw.com Daily News

13 August 2004. Revised 25 June 2007. Maintained by Atlanta-based intellectual property and technology lawyer Doug Isenberg, Gigalaw offers commentary on news and legal developments pertaining to intellectual property, technology and Internet-related issues. You may keep up-to-date with news posted via e-mail or RSS feed.

Government Podcasts

12 September 2005. The librarian-managed portal, Free Government Information, explains podcasting and compiles an extensive list of podcasts available from government sources.

Government Technology

4 August 2004. The Web site of Government Technology magazine offers several XML-based news feeds. Topics include electronic government, privacy, security, homeland security and others. To find the topical feeds, follow the links in the left-hand menu under the Content Channels heading. At the bottom of the page that displays, right click the RSS image and copy the shortcut. The feeds consist of linked headlines and an introductory sentence. The magazine covers news and information regarding the application of technology in state and local government.


23 July 2003. Jonathan Bender, a Washington, D.C. area lawyer, whose clients include emerging high technology companies, blogs about technology and intellectual property issues. Entries are infrequent compared to other blogs. They are, however, informative, particularly concerning new decisions from the courts. Topics covered include the Communications Decency Act (CDA), domain names, Internet jurisdiction, metatags and open source. The RSS news feed provides headline and partial lead paragraph.

ICJIA XML Information

24 June 2004. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) offers several XML-based feeds, including one for current news, grants, recent publications and news releases. The feeds display linked headlines and introductory sentences.

Indiana Department of Education RSS Feed

11 October 2004. Find press releases from the Indiana Department of Education. The feed consists of headlines and lead paragraphs. The feed address is .

inter alia

27 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Texas lawyer Tom Mighell comments on news stories, Web sites, and other sources of information about research issues (especially legal), Internet use, intellectual property, search engines and more. Every Sunday, the site features the newsletter, Internet Legal Research Weekly. The newsletter contains the same type of information, but typically about different news stories and Web sites. It also offers a technology or research tip (or both!). The RSS news feed consists of headlines and a lead sentence.

Justia Federal Court Filings & Dockets

26 February 2007. Revised 26 November 2007. Legal information Web site, Justia, offers a database for searching federal district court civil cases. Coverage spans 1 January 2004 to present. Browse case filings or conduct a search by party name, court, type of lawsuit or date. Information provided includes case caption, date filed, court, judge, type of lawsuit and cause of action. Justia also provides a link to the docket sheet. To retrieve it, you must have a subscription with PACER.

Useful features include search-generated RSS feeds. Do a search using the above criteria (e.g., all Civil RICO cases in the E.D.PA) and then monitor new results via the RSS feed. You may also bookmark case information for a specific case using any one of about 20 social bookmarking tools, including Internet Explorer favorites, Del.icio.us, Google Bookmarks and Windows Live Bookmarks.

LaborProf Blog

12 January 2005. Rafael Gely, Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, maintains this site, which provides information of interest to law school tax professors in their scholarship and teaching. It offers several resources including, a directory of labor law professors, a list of law school labor and employment law certificate programs and graduate degree programs in labor relations and human resource management, a list of casebooks and other materials for labor law courses, links to sources of federal, state, and foreign labor and employment laws, and more. It also provides an RSS and Atom feed.

In Gely’s own words, the site “is not a collection of ruminations about the latest labor and employment policy issue in the news or the latest labor case caselaw in the area.” Nonetheless, I found ample commentary on labor relations and human resources issues.

Law Practice Today

17 March 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. The ABA’s Law Practice Management Section publishes this webzine covering management, marketing, technology and finance issues. Articles are available for free. The RSS news feed consists of headlines and a brief description.


20 November 2003. Cindy Chick, former co-editor of LLRX.com, recently launched a Weblog on law library technology and knowledge management. Since Cindy works with knowledge management issues on a day-to-day basis, LawLibTech should be a great resource. Currently, in addition to knowledge management, topics covered include PDF, search engines, spam and virtual libraries.


13 June 2003. LawSites, which tracks new Web sites of potential interest to legal professionals, provides its content in RSS format. Each news feed item corresponds to a blog entry. This feed contains the complete entry for short items. Longer entries refer readers to the original blog entry. LawSites is published by Robert J. Ambrogi, a lawyer in Massachusetts and the former Editorial Director of National Law Journal.

Lessig Blog

16 June 2003. Lawrence Lessig briefly comments on copyright and other intellectual property issues. The RSS feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

Louisiana Supreme Court Report

11 March 2003. Revised 11 June 2003. Not to be confused with an official state court reporter, Louisiana Supreme Court Report is a current information awareness service that provides summaries of Louisiana Supreme Court decisions. Each summary links to the full-text of the decision. The site also offers this service via email and an RSS news feed. The news feed provides the headline and lead sentence.

Michigan RSS Feeds

12 September 2005. The State of Michigan offers this index to government and related RSS feeds.

National Environmental Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse News

24 June 2004. The National Environmental Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse offers news (infrequently) about the Clearinghouse and Web site. The feed appears to contain the full text of all news items.

North Dakota Supreme Court News Feeds

2 August 2006. North Dakota Supreme Court offers RSS feeds for court opinions and news releases.

Paper Chase, The (Jurist)

26 April 2004. Revised 10 March 2006. Legal information service Jurist offers a legal news Weblog and news feed called Paper Chase. It summarizes, and links to, select legal news stories of mostly national or international interest. You can stay up-to-date with the news via e-mail or RSS. You may also display the feed in your intranet or Web site. Jurist supplies the code.

Patent Pending

30 November 2004. Patent Attorney Bob Shaver (Dykas, Shaver & Nipper, LLP in Boise, Idaho) spotlights certain inventions and educates–sometimes humorously–about the patent process. This Weblog has an email notification service and an RSS news feed.

Patent Project

26 August 2003. Maryland attorney Joseph Gusmano comments on news and court decisions pertaining to patents. Helpfully, he provides links to the court opinions, and other primary documents, he mentions. Gusmano also authors a blog on trademark law. The RSS news feed provides headlines and partial commentary with links to the full-text.

Privacy and Security Law Blog

29 October 2007. The law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, maintains this blog on privacy and security law. Lawyers comment on events in the news and legal developments, such as court decisions and state or federal legislation. The blog has an RSS feed and e-mail alert service for keeping up with new postings. The topics links on the home page take you directly to related commentary. You will also find this subject index in the site map.

Privacy Spot

9 December 2004. The law firm Hughes & Luce, LLP sponsors this Weblog on trends and issues on the topic of privacy law. It comments on news stories and resources related to data protection, financial privacy, medical records privacy, technology and more. The site also offers an XML-based news feed. The feed contains full-text commentary.


14 April 2004. Technology attorney Michael Geist maintains this Web site on Canadian privacy law. It provides summaries of the Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s decisions under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as well as search features unavailable through the Commissioner’s official Web site. You will also find privacy law related news, links to federal and provincial privacy legislation and related documents, and more. The site offers an email alert service as well as an RSS news feed. The news feed contains the full text of all postings.

PRWeb Legal News

26 April 2004. Free news wire service PR Web offers an XML-based news feed for law-related press releases. The feed displays the headline and partial summary or first sentence.

Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts

25 January 2005. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides an XML-based feed for obtaining information about significant actions involving products during the past 60 days. Actions included in the feed constitute a significant risk, or involve products with wide distribution. For example, recalls in the feed consist mostly of Class I recalls, whereas you can find information about all recalls in the FDA Enforcement Report. The feed contains headlines and summaries of full-text releases or reports.

Rhode Island Build an RSS Feed

6 May 2004. Rhode Island offers an experimental service whereby you can build your own RSS news feed by selecting the type of information you desire. Options include recently promulgated or pending regulations from specific agencies or all agencies. The RSS address for the 10 most recently promulgated regulations, for example, would be: http://www.rules.state.ri.us/rss/rss.php?dbase=rules&type=prom&agency=ALL

RSS Feeds at Brookhaven National Laboratory

25 January 2005. Brookhaven National Laboratory offers an XML-based feed for press releases. The feed contains headlines and lead sentences.

RSS Feeds at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

25 January 2005. Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides two XML-based news feeds. One covers press releases and the other provides brief summaries of reports published in the lab’s research and development magazine, ORNL Review. The press release feed provides headlines and lead sentences. The journal feed provides titles and one-sentence summaries.

Secrecy News

4 August 2004. Weekday newsletter Secrecy News, a publication of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, provides news and commentary about issues pertaining to government secrecy, security and intelligence policies and more. The newsletter’s XML-based feed provides the full-text of the newsletter, but does not display the headlines of individual news items.

Securities Litigation Watch

22 October 2003. Bruce Carton, Executive Director of ISS (Institutional Shareholder Services) Securities Class Action Services (SCAS) and former SEC staff attorney, comments on developments involving securities litigation or securities enforcement. In addition to commentary, this Weblog links to a SCAS news alert service, free sources of securities or market data, securities laws, court opinions and more. The site offers an RSS news feed.

Sentencing Law and Policy

24 August 2004. Law professor Douglas A. Berman, co-author of Sentencing Law and Policy: Cases, Statutes, and Guidelines (Aspen Publishers), comments on sentencing developments for capital and non-capital offenses. Topics include the Blakely decision (federal sentencing guidelines), clemency and pardons, criminal sentencing alternatives, death penalty reforms, offender characteristics, procedure and proof at sentencing, and more. Sentencing Law and Policy is a well-organized and well-written Weblog. You can search past commentary, find related resources and received updates via an XML-based feed. Berman offers several feed formats.

Show Me State of Missouri News

11 October 2004. Missouri government agencies offer news headlines via RSS. Topics include news from the governor’s office, agriculture, conservation, economic development, education, gaming, health, insurance, labor, lottery, and more. There are several feed addresses listed in the referenced article.

SOSIG Resources: Law

14 June 2004. The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) provides several feeds for new resources added to the directory. The legal channel displays the name of the resource, a link to SOSIG’s annotation and the date SOSIG added it to the database.

Special Education Law Blog

7 March 2006. Revised 23 October 2007. Chicago, Illinois-based attorney, Charles P. Fox, comments on news and legal developments pertaining to learning disabilities and special education. Some of the topics include assistive technology, diagnostic testing and parent advocacy. This blog offers an RSS feed.

State Legislators’ Blogs and Legislatures with RSS Feeds

23 March 2005. The National Conference of State Legislatures compiled a chart with links to Weblogs run by state representatives. It also provides the address for RSS feeds affiliated with state legislatures.

State of Delaware Newsfeeds

20 October 2004. Delaware currently offers two XML-based news feeds: Statewide News and The Current Monthly Register. Statewide News provides agency press releases and news. The Current Monthly Register is a feed for The Delaware Register of Regulations, a monthly publication of all proposed regulatory changes, general notices, and final regulations from our partners in the Legislature.

Supreme Court of Ohio RSS Feeds

2 August 2006. The Supreme Court of Ohio offers summaries of opinions and news releases via RSS feed.

Tech Law Advisor

23 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Attorney Kevin Heller comments on copyright, trademark, parody, fair use, and technology law issues. His comments consist of short remarks on news items, court decisions, Web sites, and more. Moreover, he links to sources so that you can continue to research whatever strikes your fancy. The RSS news feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

Texas Elder Law Blog

11 September 2003. Texas lawyer Jeanne Pi comments on news and information about pending health and long-term care legislation, Medicaid, nursing facilities, social security, financial matters and more. She also provides an extensive list of Web-based resources covering federal and Texas state law pertaining to matters of interest to elder law attorneys. The RSS news feed appears to contain the same content as the Weblog.

Topix.net Law

26 April 2004. News search service Topix.net displays the headline and full or partial lead sentence for law-related news stories from numerous local, national and industry sources. The XML-based news feed displays the same information that appears in the Web site’s category index. Follow a linked headline to display the full article (free).

Trademark Blog

22 January 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. Intellectual property lawyer Martin Schwimmer comments on trademark-related events and issues. One of my favorite postings explains the importance and complexity of trademark searching. The news feed provides the headline and lead sentence.

Trademark Project

26 August 2003. Maryland attorney Joseph Gusmano comments on news as well as court and administrative decisions pertaining to trademark law. Helpfully, he provides links to the court opinions, and other primary documents, he mentions. Gusmano also authors a blog on patent law. The RSS news feed provides headlines and partial commentary with links to the full-text.

U.S. Copyright Office RSS Feeds

22 February 2007. The U.S. Copyright Office currently offers 4 RSS feeds for staying current with copyright-related information. For newsworthy announcements, as well as notices concerning regulatory or procedural changes, use the feed labeled, NewsNet. You will also find feeds for Web site updates and general information, rules and notices published in the Federal Register and information about current legislation.

U.S. Department of State RSS Feeds

29 November 2004. 29 November 2004. Find news feeds covering top stories from the U.S. Department of State as well as press briefings, press releases and remarks from Secretary of State Colin Powell. The feeds provide headlines and lead paragraphs.

Top Stories

Press Briefings

Press Releases

Secretary of State Remarks

U.S. Government RSS Library

31 May 2005. FirstGov, the U.S. government’s official Web portal, has compiled and categorized RSS feeds from government sites. Categories include agriculture, consumer issues, cyber-security, statistics, education, federal personnel, forestry, health, international relations, military and science. Each category contains links to related RSS feeds.

U.S. Supreme Court (LII)

Cornell Legal Information Institute provides access to Project Hermes bench opinions issued since May 1990. Browse by date, topic or party name. Some historical decisions are also available. The Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) provides two RSS news feeds for current U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The feeds consists of case captions, decision dates and brief descriptions of the questions of law or holding of the court. The first offers the recent opinions of the court while the second provides a summary of the most current opinions.

Unintended Consequences

31 July 2003. Attorney Doug Simpson writes about law and technology. Topics recently covered include California law on electronic transactions, computer viruses and hacking and privacy rights. This blog provides a syndicated news feed.

United States Patent and Trademark Office News and Notices

15 September 2005. Intellectual property law blog, rethink(ip) created 4 RSS feeds for those who want to follow developments at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Find feeds for Official Gazette and Federal Register announcements, as well as patent, trademark and general news items.


14 April 2003. Revised 16 June 2003. A blawg covering legal and privacy issues in higher education, UnivAtty is updated frequently with commentary provided by a licensed Texas attorney. He covers a range of topics, including copyright and education, affirmative action, financial aid and more. The RSS news feed contains headlines and lead sentences.

Utah Appellate Court Opinions

6 May 2004. Utah State Courts provides an RSS news feed for appellate court opinions. The feed provides case captions. Click through the linked caption to obtain the full-text of the opinion.

Utah Division of Purchasing, Current Solicitations

6 May 2004. Utah’s Division of Purchasing offers an RSS news feed for procurement bids. The feed provides the bid number and a brief description. Click through to obtain a PDF copy of the complete bid.

Volokh Conspiracy, The

16 June 2003. UCLA Law School professor Eugene Volokh offers a news feed for this blog, which comments on world events, legal issues, government actions and recent court opinions that make the news. Several contributors provide an interesting mix of topics for conversation. The RSS feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.


31 July 2003. Alabama attorney Edward Still offers commentary on election law issues. Topics include campaign finance, redistricting, as well as news about politicians. The RSS news feed consists of a headline and brief summary with links to full-text article.

Weblogs at Harvard Law

16 June 2003. The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School hosts blogs for anyone with a Harvard email address. Because of the large diverse community, you’ll find comments on a wide range of topics and issues. Of particular interest is the directory of blogs (on- and off-site) by Harvard folks. The RSS feed appears to reproduce the entire blog entry.

Wendy.Seltzer.org — The Blog

26 August 2003. A staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, Wendy Seltzer comments on copyright issues. Select entries cover fair use, peer-to-peer systems and licensing. The RSS news feed appears to provide the full-text commentary.

West Virginia Recent Opinions

11 March 2003. Rory Perry, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia provides summaries of recently issued opinions. Each summary links to the full-text of the decision. He also provides a RSS/XML news feed and delivery by email.

Western District Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court

23 March 2005. The Western District of Wisconsin BankruptcyCourt offers an RSS feed for newly filed complaints, orders and judgments. It contains a party’s name and docket number. Accessing the document requires a PACER subscription. Unfortunately, the feed doesn’t work in Bloglines. If you change the transfer protocol from https to http, it works in My Yahoo.

What’s News @ Legal Market Reader

10 August 2007. This is the companion blog for Legal Marketing Reader. It summarizes new articles available at the main Web site. It also has an RSS feed.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog

24 January 2005. Peter J. Henning, Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School, comments on white collar crime issues in the news and literature. He also provides a good collection of related Web-based resources. You will find links to criminal law reviews, federal laws, federal administrative materials, federal agencies, related Web sites and more. The site offers RSS and Atom news feeds.



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News, reviews and commentary and how-to on the latest hardcore technology.


AboutDogs.info -Learn and understand your dogs
About Dogs – Everything about dogs like raising dog, dog care,dog training, dog food…and more


PC Magazine: New ProductReviews
First looks at new products from PC Magazine: lab-based test,ratings, editor and user reviews.

http://www.pcmag.com� ��������

New Urban Legends
Recent additions to the Urban Legends Reference Pages atsnopes.com


Eyebeam reBlog
distilling art and technology


About ContemporaryLiterature
Contemporary Literature


All about dogs


About Cats

http://cats.about.com/� ��������

About Animals /Wildlife
Animals / Wildlife


BBC News�Technology� World Edition
Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news,video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science,technology and health news.


Cool Tools
Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget,software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried andtrue. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actuallyused the tool and others like it. Items can be either old or new as long asthey are wonderful. We only post things we like and ignore the rest.Suggestions for tools much better than what is recommended here are alwayswanted. Tell me what you love.


Art Knowledge News -Keeping You in Touch with the World of Art…
This online news magazine is published free to� rs worldwideand is sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation. AKN brings to itsreaders unbiased information and news about art, the art world, museums,artists, exhibitions, articles reprinted from renowned art publications,art resources, features, photos, commentary, and a vast array of artinformation found nowhere else in one source. ��today!


USATODAY.com Books -Top Stories
USATODAY.com Books – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


iTunes Top 25 Songs
iTunes Store: Today’s Top 25 Songs


Rolling Stone: Features
Rolling Stone Magazine comes to life online with music news,videos and photo galleries, the latest movie and music reviews, coverstories and online exclusives.


Inside Information; Unreleased Products


Fool.com: The MotleyFool
Today’s top headlines from The Motley Fool

http://www.fool.com/� ��������

Wired Top Stories
Top Stories


birding News feed
A RSS news feed about birding news vertical portal , birdingsociety , birding tour , birding supply , ornithology ,


MTV News
Up to the minute news on music and pop culture.


How-to articles, News, and Reviews of all things TiVo,ReplayTV and Digital Video Recorder.


The Register
Biting the hand that feeds IT


News: DigitalPhotography Review (d .com)
Digital Photography Review, Latest digital camera news, camerareviews, galleries, technology and comparisons.

http://www.d .com/� ��������

A Random Walk Down Sand Hill Road

http://ventureblog.com/� ��������

Linux Journal – TheOriginal Magazine of the Linux Community
Since 1994: The Original Monthly Magazine of the LinuxCommunity


Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehackerrecommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time.Don’t live to geek; geek to live.

http://lifehacker.com� ��������

Baghdad Burning (viasitescooper)
Baghdad Burning (scraped with sitescooper)


Duct Tape MarketingBlog
Small business marketing blog


TechCrunch profiles the companies, products and events thatare defining and transforming the new web. TechCrunch is written by MichaelArrington.


Gizmodo, the gadget guide. So much in love with shiny newtoys, it’s unnatural.

http://gizmodo.com� ��������

I, Cringely . ThePulpit� PBS
I, Cringely is the blog of Robert X. Cringely. Copyright 2006PBS Online.


NYT > Technology

Music news, charts, archives, and artist features, for rock,pop, country, jazz, rap, hip hop and more. We give music fans the business.(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )���������

Daily Python-URL!(from the Secret Labs)
Daily news from the Python universe, presented by your friendsat Secret Labs.


Diggnation (Mp3)
Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the topdigg.com social bookmarking news stories.


Latest news from ESPN.com

http://espn.go.com/� ��������

The past 24 hours of MetaFilter


Talking Points Memo
http://talkingpointsmemo.com� ��������

Hand-crafted web sites, pixels and text by Dan Cederholm.


Dave Shea’s mezzoblue
http://mezzoblue.com/� ��������

Where Web Developers and Designers Learn how to Build WebSites.


Wordsmith.org:Today’s Word
The magic of words – that’s what Wordsmith.org is about.

http://wordsmith.org/� ��������

About Web Design /HTML
Web Design / HTML


Daily Kos
State of the Nation

http://www.dailykos.com� ��������

NASA Breaking News
A RSS news feed containing the latest NASA news articles andpress releases.


NYT > Movies
Find movie reviews & breaking news on actors &actresses, studios, Hollywood, DVD & Video, Oscars, new releases,independent film, movie trailers, showtimes, movie tickets.


Digital Tech News -Digital Technology & Consumer Electronics
Digital Tech News blog – Digital Technology, Entertainment andMedia news, High tech news, reviews, digital gadgets and consumerelectronics.


iTunes 25 Just AddedAlbums
iTunes Store: 25 Just Added Albums


Variety.com – MusicNews
The premier source of entertainment news. Turn to Variety.comfor timely, credible articles, reviews and analysis of film, TV, music,theater, video, gaming and movie and television production — informationvital to your showbiz career.

http://www.variety.com� ��������

ALTERNATIVE ENERGYBLOG – Solar-Energy-Wind-Power.com
alternative energy blog – news, views and strong opinions onalternate energy resources including solar energy, wind power, wave energy,geothermal & other renewable energy sources + news on other energyissues including the end of cheap gas & oil, plug-in hybrid cars,rising fuel prices, “clean” coal & nuclear power


Reuters: Science News
Reuters.com is your source for breaking news, business,financial and investing news, including personal finance and stocks.Reuters is the leading global provider of news, financial information andtechnology solutions to the world’s media, financial institutions,businesses and individuals.

http://www.reuters.com� ��������


http://digg.com/� ��������

Joke of the Day
Clinically proven to elicit at least one smirk daily.


WebGraphics is a daily compilation of hypertext designresources, links, commentary and notes.


CodeBetter.Com -Stuff you need to Code Better!
Stuff you need to code better!


Cars! Cars! Cars!
A Car Blog. Only Angrier


Future cars, HybridCars
Articles and discussions about new cars, Future cars andhybrid Cars.


Health News from MedicalNews Today
Latest Health News and Medical News posted throughout the day,every day.


Jason Kottke’s weblog, home of fine hypertext products

http://www.kottke.org/� ��������

BBC News� Health� WorldEdition
Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news,video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science,technology and health news.


Popgadget: PersonalTech for Women
Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women- Personal technology andinnovative lifestyle for women.


VH1 News
Full pop music coverage and daily entertainment updates.


Church of the CustomerBlog
All about word of mouth, customer evangelism and citizenmarketers.


USATODAY.com Tech -Top Stories
USATODAY.com Tech – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


NYT > Technology

Cooking For Engineers
Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site toread!


Nutrition Journal -Latest articles
The latest articles from Nutrition Journal (ISSN 1475-2891)published by BioMed Central


Reuters: Health News
Reuters.com is your source for breaking news, business,financial and investing news, including personal finance and stocks.Reuters is the leading global provider of news, financial information andtechnology solutions to the world’s media, financial institutions,businesses and individuals.

http://www.reuters.com� ��������

Technology products buying guide – Find the best bargains onthe latest products in tech


The Ask.com Blog
The Official Blog of Ask.com

http://blog.ask.com/� ��������

NYT > Automobiles

National GeographicNews
National Geographic News


Small Business Trends
Trends Affecting Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses andEntrepreneurs


I Will Teach You ToBe Rich
Personal finance and personal entrepreneurship for collegestudents, recent college grads, and everyone else. Featured in the WallStreet Journal and New York Times.


Tech and Gadget news from Akihabara and around the world


Geek News CentralPodcast
Geek News Central is where I talk tech for the common man.With a twice weekly tech show covering a wide range of technical issues.One of the Top Tech Podcasts and home of the Author of Podcasting The Do itYourself Guide. 25,000 plus listeners tune in twice a week!


Top Stories fromLiveDaily.com
LiveDaily: concert updates and news


43 Folders
A bunch of tricks, hacks & other cool stuff. A weblog byMerlin Mann


WSJ.com: Markets

http://online.wsj.com� ��������

Investing, Saving and Personal Finance


Simply Recipes
Healthy recipes, cooking tips, product reviews for the homecook


USATODAY.com Money -Top Stories
USATODAY.com Money – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


technology and culture, from the trenches


EurekAlert! – Spaceand Planetary Science
The premier website for science news since 1996. A service ofAAAS.


NYT > Fashion& Style

digitallyOBSESSED.comDVD Reviews
The most comprehensive and entertaining DVD Reviews


CMT News
All the news from country music’s most reliable source.


Jalopnik loves cars. Secret cars, concept cars, flying cars,vintage cars, tricked-out cars, red cars, black cars, blonde cars –sometimes, cars just because of the curve of a hood.

http://jalopnik.com� ��������

[daily dose of imagery]
A daily photoblog by Sam Javanrouh.


Wired Top Stories
Top Stories


Paul Graham:Unofficial RSS Feed
Articles by Paul Graham


A growing lexicon of slang, jargon, and new words from thefringes of English.


Small BusinessTrends
Exploring the trends driving small business


Get Fuzzy
Unofficial Get Fuzzy RSS Feed by TapestryComics.com


Shopping Blog


AWN’s Headline News
Updated daily, read all the latest breaking headlines coveringevery facet of the animation industry.

http://news.awn.com� ��������

Kiplinger PersonalFinance
Trusted Financial advice and business forecasts for more than75 years


Rotten Tomatoes:Movies
This RSS file is no longer being updated. Please re� to:http://i.rottentomatoes.com/syndication/rss/complete_movies.xml


Adam Curry: DailySource Code
Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code Podcast dailysourcecode.com


CMT News in Brief
All the news from country music’s most reliable source.


Accidental Hedonist
Food, Travel, and other Irrelevant Irreverence


ABC News: Travel
http://abcnews.go.com� ��������

Lessig Blog
Lessig’s blog.

http://lessig.org/blog/� ��������

Slick online shopping deals.


Manolo’s Shoe Blog
Manolo Loves the Shoes!

http://shoeblogs.com� ��������

Political Animal
http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/� ��������

MacRumors : Mac News andRumors
the mac news you care about


Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on (and on) about knitting.


Seth’s Blog
Seth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideasspread.


Geek News Central
Geek News Central is technical weblog for Geeks. We Spin techfor the common man. With a twice weekly tech podcast


Moreover Technologies- Consumer: travel news – of 1521 returned
Moreover Technologies – Consumer: travel news – More than 340categories of real-time RSS news feeds.


Eat Feed
The Sound of Good Food

http://www.eatfeed.com� ��������

news and commentary from a conservative perspective


Telegraph Fashion
The latest fashion news, features and show reports fromtelegraph.co.uk


BBC Sport� SportHomepage� World Edition
Visit BBC Sport for all the action as it happens -up-to-the-minute news, results, breaking news, video, audio and featurestories. BBC Sport covers the major events and all the professionalfootball clubs in the UK, plus cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, motorsport andall the main world sports.


Yahoo! News: SportsNews
Sports News


Tracking the Internet Evolution

http://gigaom.com� ��������

Jeffrey Zeldman PresentsThe Daily Report
Web design news and insights since 1995

http://www.zeldman.com/� ��������

Scripting News
Dave Winer’s weblog, started in April 1997, bootstrapped theblogging revolution.




CNET News.com
Tech news and business reports by CNET News.com. Focused oninformation technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software,networking, and Internet media.

http://www.news.com/� ��������

Comedy CentralVideos
Videos of your favorite shows, whenever you want them!


World Wide Wordsnewsletter
The World Wide Words newsletter discusses word histories, newwords, the background to words in the news and problems of English usage.Some items are added to the Web site seven days after they appear here.


VH1 Movie News
The latest movie headlines from VH1 News.


Funny blog, updated almost hourly with the best fun stufffound in the blogosphere.


web zen
the sound of one mouse clicking

http://www.webzen.org/� ��������

TreeHugger is a fast-growing web magazine, dedicated toeverything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible.Our influential audience stops by frequently to check out the latest news,reviews and recommendations for modern yet green products and services.Consumers also rely on the directory to help facilitate their buyingprocesses. TreeHugger is the most effective way for them to find welldesigned products that are also ecologically sensitive.


American Leftist
Political commentary and news analysis from a radical leftperspective.


Comedy CentralInsider – The Comedy Blog for Comedy Fans
The blog by and for comedy nerds.


Rands In Repose
http://www.randsinrepose.com/� ��������

Software Updates

http://www.them.ws/� ��������

News for nerds, stuff that matters

http://slashdot.org/� ��������

The Food Section
All the News That’s Fit to Eat: A blog about food, wine, andtravel


Wendy Knits
Knitting and spinning. The fun never stops.

http://wendyknits.net/� ��������

O’Reilly Radar -Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies


Power Line
http://www.powerlineblog.com/� ��������

Go Fug Yourself
http://gofugyourself.typepad.com/go_fug_yourself/� ��������

Scobleizer: MicrosoftGeek Blogger
Robert Scoble’s look at geek and Microsoft life.


E! Online – TopStories
News from across the show-biz spectrum-TV, movies, music andcelebrities


Blogging a Greener World

http://sustainablog.org� ��������

TV Squad
TV Squad

http://www.tvsquad.com� ��������

http://www.readwriteweb.com/� ��������

Hack a Day
Hack a Day

http://www.hackaday.com� ��������

USATODAY.com News -Top Stories
USATODAY.com News – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


NYT > Sports

Boing Boing
http://www.boingboing.net/� ��������

USATODAY.com Sports- Top Stories
USATODAY.com Sports – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


the blue blog
where blue is for knitting


John Battelle’sSearchblog
Thoughts on the intersection of search, media, technology, andmore.


EnviroLink News Service
The EnviroLink News Service compiles the most relevant newsstories of interest to the global environmental community from sourcesaround the Internet.


BBC News� News FrontPage� UK Edition
Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news,video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science,technology and health news.


Blog Maverick
Blog Maverick


The Keyboard BiologistKnits
A thirty-something biologist, computer scientist and allaround crafter living in Chicago’s Ukranian Village talks about her fiberypursuits.


ENN: Top Stories

http://www.enn.com/� ��������

Social software and social networking 2.0.

http://mashable.com� ��������

USATODAY.com Health- Top Stories
USATODAY.com Health – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


Darkgate ComicSlurper
The latest strips of your favourite web-comics slurped fromthe internet. Configure your preferences at http://darkgate.net/comic/.


Church of theCustomer Blog
All about word of mouth, customer evangelism and citizenmarketers.


W o o l f l o w e r s
Welcome to Woolflowers! This is where I blog inconsistentlyabout my knitting & uneven spinning. Occasionally, I throw in a fewrandom thoughts about random things. In the spirit of randomness, I postrandomly.


RSS feed from 1UP
Content from 1UP

http://www.1up.com� ��������

The BudgetFashionista
The Budget Fashionista:Fashion Advice, Fashion Expert, BeautyProduct Reviews


USATODAY.com Nation -Top Stories
USATODAY.com Nation – Top Stories (USA TODAY)


http://postsecret.blogspot.com/� ��������

A daily newsletter with resources of interest to informationprofessionals, educators and journalists.


National HurricaneCenter (Atlantic)
Active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov� ��������

LA is the world’s cultural capital. This is the gossip rag itdeserves.

http://defamer.com� ��������

Gawker is the Manhattan media gossip sheet.

http://gawker.com� ��������


Surgical Diversions

my time out of the operating room


Salon makes you think.

Oligopoly Watch

The latest maneuvers of the new oligopolies and what they mean

CM Pros Press Releases Blog


SAP Developer Network SAP Weblogs

SAP Developer’s Network Weblogs

Microsoft Team RSS Blog


Rick LaPlante’s WebLog


Zope.org Product Updates




Zoo Talk


Tao of the Machine

Tao of the Machine: Programming, Python, my projects, card games, books, music, Zoids, bettas, manga, cool stuff, and whatever comes to mind.

133゚ E, 34゚ N – Hakata notebook

Les images vues par les Platon � Fukuoka, � Kyushu et au Japon.



About Web Search

Web Search

About Web Design/HTML

Web Design/HTML

About Travel with Kids

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Travel with Kids GuideSite.

About Shakespeare

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Shakespeare GuideSite.

About Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Sci-Fi / Fantasy GuideSite.

About Small Business Information

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Small Business Information GuideSite.

About Psychology


About Pediatrics

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Pediatrics GuideSite.

About Focus on PC Support

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Focus on PC Support GuideSite.

About Parenting of Adolescents

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Parenting of Adolescents GuideSite.

About Panic/Anxiety Disorders

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Panic/Anxiety Disorders GuideSite.

About Elementary Educators

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Elementary Educators GuideSite.

About Inventors

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Inventors GuideSite.

About Interior Decorating

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Interior Decorating GuideSite.

About Graphics Software

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Graphics Software GuideSite.

About Genealogy

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Genealogy GuideSite.

About Entrepreneurs

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Entrepreneurs GuideSite.

About Desktop Publishing

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Desktop Publishing GuideSite.

About Birding/Wild Birds

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Birding/Wild Birds GuideSite.

About Baseball

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Baseball GuideSite.

About Arts/Crafts Business

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Arts/Crafts Business GuideSite.

About Antiques

Get the latest headlines from the About.com Antiques GuideSite.

Yosemite Explorer – Yosemite in pictures


Portrait of Contemporary Waste





Daily proverbs for living. Old sayings with a new touch. Encourgement to keep on working, living, breathing, and enjoying your life while paying the bills. Old stuff, new stuff, same ole stuff. Just read it.

YACCS Comments for Earl Bockenfeld’s Radio Weblog

RSS feed for recent comments posted to Earl Bockenfeld’s Radio Weblog, (http://weblog.com/0107064)

damnum absque injuria

Constitutional Republic. Beer. Nerdy.

xBlog: The visual thinking weblog | XPLANE

XPLANE | The visual thinking company. The xBlog links to useful information design and information graphics, web design, illustration, branding and interface resources, and more…

xBlog: The visual thinking weblog | XPLANE

The visual thinking weblog

bBlog: The sales, marketing and business weblog | XPLANE

The sales, marketing and business weblog | XPLANE

Extraordinary Ordinary Guy In Japan

The introduction of weird and strange things in Japan.

A Welsh View

A Daily Mishmash Of Bizarre Peculiarosities


Developer news from the XML community


Actualit�s de XML


A personal weblog by Paul Bausch, a web developer in Corvallis, OR

onfocus.com : Weblog Bookwatch

The Top 10 books mentioned on weblogs.

De Telegraaf: top nieuws

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Dave Barry’s Blog

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Jabber.org News

Recent news on jabber.org (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

De Telegraaf: i-Mail

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


From The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Reuters: Oddly Enough

The leading source of Breaking World & Business News, Mutual Funds & Stock Quotes and Global Market Data. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

De Telegraaf: financieel nieuws

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

PrimeZone: Advertising


Advertising news from PrimeZone (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

This is London: London News

This is London – everything for living, working and going out in London, guide to the UK capital, brought to you by the publishers of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Metro and Evening Standard, updated round-the-clock, thisislondon.co.uk includes e… (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

FCW: eGovernment

E-Government news from Federal Computer Week (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Science Daily

Your daily dose of science and nature news (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


Politech is the oldest Internet resource devoted to politics and technology. Launched in 1994, the Politech mailing list and then the web site has chronicled the growing intersection of law, culture, technology, politics, and law. Edited by Declan McCu… (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

O’Reilly Network – P2P Dev Center

Meerkat is a Web-based syndicated content reader providinga simple interface to RSS stories. While maintaining the originalassociation of a story with a channel, Meerkat’s focus is onchronological order — the latest stories float to the top, regardle… (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Washington Post: Top News

News (www.washingtonpost.com) (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Security Focus

Facilitates discussion on security related topics, create security awareness, and provides the Internet’s largest and most comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

GCN: Enterprise Architecture

Government Computer News (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


The Hacker Quaterly (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

National Geographic News: Animals & Nature

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

SonicNet Music News – Digital Music

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Strategy – Business Magazine

Current contents on the quaterly managazine (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Chicago Sun-Times

News stories from the Chicago Sun-Times (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Economist: Books

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Forbes.com Magazine

Forbes Magazine (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Independent: World News

The Independent Newspaper (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

BBC: Health

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Independent: UK News

The Independent Newspaper (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


From CNN and Money magazine, CNNMoney.com combines business news and in-depth market analysis with practical advice and answers to personal finance questions. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Economist: World

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Affiliate Wire

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


Updated every minute of every day (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

American Prospect

This biweekly magazine of politics, policy and culture provides intelligent, entertaining and enlightening commentary on important issues of our time. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

The Sacramento Bee: California

An online information service of The Sacramento Bee — 24-hour local, state, national and world news, plus politics, sports, business, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, columnists, humor, classified ads and much more (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Economist: Science

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

RAI: Culture

Televisione Italiana (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

IBM DeveloperWorks: XML

The XML section on the developerWorks Web site is your resource for XML-related tools, samples, standards information, education, news and events, and access to XML community forums. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Peter Scott’s Library Blog

The latest on databases, conferences, services, software, vendors… (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Romenesko’s Obscure Store

The Obscure Store and Reading Room: normal people doing strange things. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

AP Health

Associated Press news via Yahoo! (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

CNN – War Tracker

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )


Corporate Learning, Community Building, Instructional Design, Knowledge Management, Personalization and more (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

AP Science

Associated Press Science News (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Toronto Star: Canada

The Toronto Star (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Webmaster World: Industry News

News stories related to Search Engines, promotion and the search engine scene. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Religion News

Your source for news about religion, ethics, spirituality and moral issues. (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Help Net Security

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

AP World News

Associated Press World News (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Foxnews: Politics

Politics (By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Advertising Age

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )

Nerve.com – Personal Essays

(By http://www.newsisfree.com/syndicate.php – )